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Amount owed under a support order for a child or spouse, also called family support….


Court document requiring the payor to appear in court at a specific date and time.

Subrogated Arrears

Unpaid support is owed to a provincial or state government, rather than the recipient, because at the time it should have been paid, the recipient was also receiving income assistance….

Handling Your Case

When the enrolment process is complete, the recipient and payor receive Notices of Enrolment confirming the support order or agreement is now enrolled in BCFMA. The Notices set out the…

Section 7 Expenses

Additional payments for a child, such as education, medical, dental, childcare or extracurricular activities expenses.


The time a child spends with the parent who doesn’t have custody. Also known as contact.

Contact Time

Another term for access. The time a child spends with a person who is not the child’s guardian.