Sending NOA Payments

How much to deduct

The amount deducted is determined by the payor’s income source. For example – if the attachment is against the payor’s ICBC claim or bank account, we can attach up to 100 per cent. If it’s against the payor’s wage, the amount attached is based on a formula set by BC law. The Notice of Attachment package includes a guide which helps the attachee determine the deduction that applies to the payor.

The NOA lists the amounts owing by the payor. Any ongoing support payments due since the attachment was issued need to be added to the arrears amount and can be collected.

How to send payments

There are two options for sending payments for a Notice of Attachment:

  1. Make cheques payable to the recipient, include the BCFMA Case ID and mail the payments to:
    BCFMA Payment Services
    Box 9233
    Victoria, BC V8W 9J1
  2. Send payments through a financial institution using online banking:
    Bill payment payee name is ‘Attachee/NOA Payments – (BCFMA)’
    Account number is the Attachment ID and first four letters of payor’s last name (example: 45678JONE)

More than one NOA for same payor

Even if the attachee receives more than one Notice of Attachment for the same payor, the attachee can only take a single deduction each pay period from the payor. Here are the steps:

  1. Calculate the total amount owing under the Notices of Attachment by adding together the current amount of arrears and the ongoing due amounts from each Notice of Attachment.
  2. Look up the amount to deduct in the table included with the Notice of Attachment. We don’t recommend the attachee use the calculator on the website for this step.
  3. Send us one payment for either the amount deducted in Step 2, or the total amount owing in Step 1, whichever is less.
  4. When the payment is received BCFMA will split the funds between the payor’s cases.

More than one NOA from BCFMA

If the attachee has other Notices of Attachment from BCFMA, one cheque can be sent made payable to BCFMA. Also include a list showing the Case IDs, payor and recipient names and amount remitted for each NOA.