Handling Your Case

When the enrolment process is complete, the recipient and payor receive Notices of Enrolment confirming the support order or agreement is now enrolled in BCFMA. The Notices set out the amount of support to be paid according to the order or agreement, including any arrears.

The payor is then expected to send payments to us, we record these and send the payments on to the recipient. In many cases, the payor makes payments voluntarily, but BCFMA can take steps to collect the outstanding support if necessary.

Keeping us informed

The BCFMA website and InfoLine are the easiest ways for the recipient and payor to get case & payment information and to communicate with the Agency. Both the recipient and payor need to let BCFMA know if they:

  • change their address or phone number
  • start receiving income assistance or having trouble making payments
  • start any legal steps or negotiations to change the current support order or agreement
  • know of any event affecting the support, such as a change in parenting time (custody), or a child leaving home and becoming independent
  • believe there is a mistake in our payment records
  • have any concerns for their or the children’s safety

Communicating with the BCFMA

BCFMA is committed to providing a safe, positive and respectful work environment for our staff and we will not tolerate threats, abusive or offensive language, or hate speech from clients.

We expect all clients to adhere to this policy when calling, sending web messages or letters. If not, clients may lose communication privileges as a result of their actions, and any threats may be reported to local law enforcement.

Your privacy

Woman and her mother sitting and smilingBCFMA is committed to your privacy. Your personal information is collected, used and disclosed in accordance with BC laws.

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