Order or Agreement

BCFMA is responsible for collecting family support for all orders or agreements enrolled with the Agency. Once enrolled both the payor and recipient receive a Notice of Enrolment setting out the amount of support to be paid, including arrears, if any.

If the order or agreement includes special or extraordinary expenses for a child, and if those expenses are collectible by the Agency, those amounts will also be added to the case.

Where a child is nearing, at or over the age of majority, BCFMA will contact the recipient and payor when a review of the child’s circumstances is necessary to determine if BCFMA can continue collecting child support.

If the order or agreement allows the payor and recipient to share their financial information and adjust the amount of support, BCFMA has a process in place to help with this.

Both the recipient and payor need to let us know if there are any changes that may affect the amounts due under the support order or agreement.

Special or Extraordinary Expenses

We can collect a child’s expenses in addition to child support

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Children over 19

Support can continue past the age of majority if the child remains dependent. Find out more

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