Use of Personal Information

What is personal information?

Personal information is any information that identifies an individual, such as a name, and date of birth or Social Insurance Number.

How does the BCFMA protect personal information?

BCFMA is committed to protecting your privacy. Under BC laws, any personal information provided to the BCFMA is:

  • only collected, used or disclosed for purposes monitoring and collecting support for an order or agreement;
  • kept confidential; and
  • kept secure from unauthorized access, use or disposal.

How does BCFMA use personal information?

Personal information is used to identify the payor or recipient. For example, if the recipient calls BCFMA requesting a new personal identification number (PIN), we need to verify the recipient’s identity before mailing out that information.

The payor’s personal information may be disclosed if enforcement action is necessary, such as providing a Social Insurance Number to an employer for a Notice of Attachment or a date of birth to ICBC for Driver’s Licence Cancellation.

Accessing or correcting personal information

The payor or recipient can access information from their BCFMA file by taking these steps:

  1. Download BCFMA Client Information Requests (PDF 146 KB) to see a list of information that is routinely released and always available.
  2. If the information is not available, the payor or recipient can send a written request to BCFMA specifying the information required.

If any personal information is incorrect, the payor or recipient can send a written request to BCFMA describing the error. The request will be reviewed and if necessary corrected on the BCFMA file.