Out of Province

We have agreements with many other maintenance programs to collect support payments including the following:

If the recipient is here and the payor lives outside BC, we can enrol the support order or agreement in the equivalent program where the payor lives. That program is then responsible for collecting the support payments on our behalf.

If the payor is here and the recipient lives outside BC, the recipient should enrol in the maintenance program where they live. That program will contact us about collecting the support payments on their behalf.

A recipient can enrol directly with BCFMA if the support order or agreement is already filed in a BC court. If the order is not filed, in some circumstances BCFMA may be able to help the recipient get it filed in BC. The advantage of enrolling in the program where the recipient lives is they will file the order in a BC court for the recipient as part of their enrolment process.

Payor living outside BC?

We can enrol the order in the program where the payor lives and get them to collect the support payments.

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Other Maintenance Programs

All Canadian provinces and territories, the United States and several other countries have programs similar to BCFMA. Find a program in another jurisdiction