• BCFMA My Account App

    BCFMA launches new mobile app. It’s now easier than ever to access your BCFMA My Account. Our mobile app provides a quick and convenient way for payors and recipients to access their case information.

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  • About BCFMA

    The BC Family Maintenance Agency (BCFMA) helps families and children with an order or agreement get the support (child support and spousal support) they are entitled to.

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  • Enrol Now

    If you live in BC and have a valid support order or agreement you can enrol in the BCFMA. Some parents enrol because they are not getting payments, while others enrol to have us collect & track their payments. There is no fee to enrol.

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  • Paying or Receiving Support

    The BC Family Maintenance Agency collects support payments from the payor and sends them on to the recipient. If necessary, we can take steps to ensure payments are made.

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