Once enrolled, all payments must come through BCFMA. Payments from the payor are recorded and then sent to the recipient.

Options for payors sending payments:

1) Online Banking

The payor should send payments to BCFMA using online banking. Electronic payments are the best option because the payor can:

  • set up automatic recurring payments
  • get a payment to BCFMA within two business days
  • make a payment at any time from virtually anywhere
2) Cheque

If payments can’t be made electronically, the payor can send payments by cheque. The payor should mail a series of post-dated cheques made out to the recipient to:

BCFMA Payment Services
Box 9233
Victoria, BC V8W 9J1
3) Western Union

If the payor doesn’t have a bank account or is living outside Canada, payments can be made through Western Union:

  • within North America using Quick Collect
  • outside North America using Quick Pay

Option for recipients receiving payments:

1) Direct Deposit

Payments received are sent to the recipient by direct deposit. In special circumstances where direct deposit is not possible, the recipient can contact us to ask for payments to be sent by mail.

Direct Payments

The recipient shouldn’t accept payments directly from the payor, but if it happens we need to know right away. The recipient must report any direct payments to BCFMA, as it is important our payment records are up-to-date. This help ensure we don’t take any unnecessary collection action against the payor.

If the recipient continues to accept direct payments without reporting the payments, the recipient could be withdrawn from BCFMA.

Lost BCFMA Cheque

If you’ve been sent a BCFMA cheque and didn’t receive it or lost it, you will need to complete a Lost Cheque Declaration Form (PDF 239 KB) before we can issue a replacement cheque. Once the form is complete:

Behind in support payments?

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Payment Options


Collection Actions

BCFMA can take various actions if payments are not made.

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