Paying or Receiving Support

Once enrolled the payor is required to send all support payments to us, rather than directly to the recipient. This ensures we keep accurate and up-to-date payment records. We record the payments as being made and then forward them on to the recipient, usually the same day.

We expect the payor to send payments to us electronically and the recipient to receive payments by direct deposit. These are the fastest, most secure ways for payments to be made and disbursed.

If the payor is behind in the support payments we encourage the payor to work with us and agree to a voluntary payment arrangement paying the support and something towards the arrears. 

If payments are late or missed, interest and default fees can be charged. We can also take various actions to collect the support.

If the payor has more than one recipient enrolled in BCFMA we do not give preference or special treatment to one support order over the other. Where payments are not made voluntarily and if collection action is necessary, any money collected will be split between the recipients.

Received a Notice of Attachment?

A Notice of Attachment (NOA) is issued when the payor is behind on support payments. Learn more

Collection Actions

BCFMA can take various steps to collect the support if payments are not made.

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Children over 19

Support can continue past age 19 if the child remains dependent on the recipient.

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Special or Extraordinary Expenses

We can collect a child’s expenses in addition to child support. Read more

Need to increase or decrease support payments?