What We Do

BCFMA can:

  • collect the amounts owing under a support order or agreement, including any arrears and special or extraordinary expenses from the payor

  • record the support payments and send them to the recipient

  • if necessary take steps to make sure payments are made by working with the payor

BCFMA cannot:

  • obtain or change a support order or agreement
  • collect a support order or agreement without a set amount, it must have a specific amount due for child and/or spousal support
  • assist parents with parenting time (custody) or contact (access) issues

Handling your case

Both the payor and recipient need to let us know of any changes affecting their support order or agreement.

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Keeping families safe

BCFMA needs to know if there are any safety concerns. If so, the case will be treated with special care to prevent harm.  Find out more