Special or Extraordinary Expenses

Special or extraordinary expenses sometimes called Section 7 expenses are amounts due for a child under a support order or agreement in addition to ongoing child support.

We may be able to collect special or extraordinary expenses if they are clearly set out in the order or agreement. If the recipient confirms the child’s expenses are due, we will review the order or agreement to determine if BCFMA can collect the expenses.

BCFMA can collect:

  • expenses with an exact dollar amount (e.g. $250 per month)
  • receipt-based expenses where the amount due will vary

Expenses for an exact dollar amount

If the amount to be paid is set out in the order, we will add the amount owing to any other scheduled due amounts owing under the support order or agreement.

Receipt-based expenses

When an expense is owing, the recipient is required to complete an expenses form and provide a copy of the receipt. We forward a copy of the form to the payor requesting payment within 30 days of the receipt being processed by BCFMA. If the payor questions a specific expense, we will provide them with a copy of the receipt.

Receipts must include:

  • who the funds were paid to
  • date paid
  • amount paid
  • reference the activity or items
  • if appropriate, who the funds were paid by

To claim receipt-based expenses the recipient can:

  1. Download the Special Expenses form (PDF, 340 KB).
  2. Read instructions on page 2.
  3. Complete and send in the form with copies of the receipts.