Attachee (NOA)

What is a NOA

A Notice of Attachment (NOA) is issued when the payor is behind on their support payments. Sometimes called a garnishment, the attachment requires anyone who owes the payor money to pay all or a portion of the money to BCFMA for the recipient.

We can attach income from one or more sources, including:

  • wages, salaries and/or commissions
  • pensions and workers’ compensation benefits
  • long- or short-term disability payments
  • rental income
  • bank accounts
  • ICBC claims

The Notice of Attachment can remain in place for 5 years and will be renewed if the payor is still behind on their support payments.

What are an Attachee’s obligations

An Attachee must:

  • Respond within 10 days by completing:
    1. Response by Attachee form, and
    2. Wage Information form, if the payor is an employee.
  • Calculate and deduct payments from money owing to the payor.
  • Send payments to BCFMA within 5 days after deduction.
  • Contact BCFMA to let us know if payments will stop.

An Attachee should not:

  • Dismiss, discipline, or discriminate against the payor because of the NOA. It’s against the law.
  • Take instructions from the payor. Only the BCFMA can change or cancel the obligations under the NOA.

Need to send a Notice of Attachment payment?

Notice of Attachment and Response by Attachee Forms

There are two options for sending payments:

  • Mail cheques, or
  • Send payments using online banking.

Go to Sending NOA Payments to find out more.