Changing an Order

BCFMA doesn’t have the authority to change a support order or agreement. However there are a number of resources in BC to help families with legal issues.

If either parent believes circumstances have changed since the support order or agreement was made, they can work with the other parent to come to a new agreement or file a court application to get a new support order from the court.

Some of the reasons to change the support order or agreement:

  • increase or decrease support payments
  • reduce or cancel support arrears
  • clarify expenses for a child
  • confirm if support is still due for a child the age of majority
  • work out parenting arrangements

The recipient or payor must let us know if they start any negotiations or legal action to change the support order or agreement. Until a new support order or agreement is filed in court, the existing one is still in effect and BCFMA will continue to collect it. If either parent has concerns about this, they should contact us to discuss the matter.

It is important we get a filed copy of the new support order or agreement as soon as possible to ensure our payments records reflect the new amounts due.

Late or Missed Payments

The existing support order or agreement remains in effect until a new one is filed in court.

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