To withdraw from BCFMA, the person who enrolled the support order or agreement with the Agency needs to send a request in writing.

If it was the recipient who enrolled, the recipient can withdraw at any time. If it was the payor who enrolled, the payor cannot withdraw unless the recipient also agrees to withdraw from the Agency.

Before sending in a withdrawal request the recipient should consider that any interest owing on unpaid support is lost. If the recipient decides at a later date to enrol again with BCFMA, any interest currently owing will not be included in the arrears and cannot be collected.

Even if the recipient withdraws, if the payor owes default fees to the provincial government the case will remain open until those fees are paid.

We can also withdraw a recipient, if the recipient:

  • doesn’t respond to our requests for information
  • continues to accept direct payment from the payor without notifying us
  • takes action to collect support on their own without approval from BCFMA