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Maintenance Lien

A lien against personal property owned by the payor, such as a car, boat, trailer or manufactured home.

Maintenance Order

A court order stating one parent must pay child support and/or spousal support payments to the other parent.

Notice of Enrolment

A letter confirming the support order or agreement is now enrolled in the BCFMA. The letter outlines the support payment schedule and amount of arrears owing, if any….


The person receiving support, also known as the creditor….

Reciprocating Jurisdiction

Another province, state or country having an agreement with BC to take collection action against a payor for BCFMA, and the reverse, BCFMA can take collection action for them if…

Special or Extraordinary Expenses

Additional payments for a child, such as education, medical, dental, childcare or extracurricular activities expenses. Also known as Section 7 expenses.

Spousal Support

Sometimes called alimony, spousal support is financial support paid to a former spouse.

Statement of Finance

A legal document completed by the payor listing the payor’s assets, income sources and expenses….