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Payor Outside BC

If the payor lives outside BC we can enrol the support order or agreement in an equivalent program where the payor lives. Enrolment in another maintenance program can take up…

Sending NOA Payments

How much to deduct The amount deducted is determined by the payor’s income source. For example – if the attachment is against the payor’s ICBC claim or bank account, we…

Report a Problem With Website

Use the form below if you experience a technical problem using the website. Your feedback is sent to our Web Support Team for review. For your protection, don’t include any…

Account Statement

BCFMA‘s record of the financial transactions for the support order or agreement…

Child Support

Money a non-custodial parent (the parent who does not have custody or primary parenting responsibility for the child) pays to other parent to support a child. Child support is also…

Committal Hearing

Requiring the payor to appear in court to explain why they are not complying with an enforcement order made by the court….

Enrolment Application

An application to enrol a support order or agreement in BCFMA. Sometimes called a Filing Kit….

Default Fee

A penalty charged if the payor misses or is late on two payments within the same calendar year; the fee is equal to one month’s support, to a maximum of…

Default Hearing

Requiring the payor to attend court to explain why payments are in arrears. The court will decide how the arrears will be paid.

Federal Interception

Intercepting money the federal government owes the payor such as income tax refunds, EI or GST….