The Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP) is a free service available to families of BC who are entitled to receive maintenance or are obligated to pay support. FMEP is responsible for monitoring and enforcing court orders and agreements that are filed with the program to collect child and spousal support payments.

Payments are collected from the person required to pay maintenance (the payor) and the funds are then sent to the person entitled to maintenance (the recipient). FMEP collects approximately $215 million each year to over 35,000 families.

In many cases, the payor makes payments voluntarily. However if a payor does not comply with support obligations, FMEP will take steps to collect ongoing maintenance and/or arrears. The Family Maintenance Enforcement Act (FMEA) provides the legislative authority for the FMEP to take administrative and court action to recover funds owed to recipients.

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