Enrol in BCFMA

Some people enrol with BCFMA because they aren’t getting their support payments, while others enrol simply because it’s easier to have us collect and track their payments.

Anyone with a support order or agreement can enrol in BCFMA at no cost. There are only two requirements:

  • the payor or recipient lives in BC; and
  • has a valid support order or agreement from Canada or elsewhere that can be collected by BC.

A recipient living outside BC should enrol in the maintenance program where they live. When the payor lives here in BC, we can take steps to collect the support payments on behalf of that maintenance program.

If the payor or recipient’s whereabouts is unknown, we can request a search for location, employment and assets through a variety of federal and provincial databases.

If either parent needs help getting their support order or agreement enrolled in BCFMA we’d be glad to offer assistance. Contact our office for help.

Submit an Enrolment Application

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If you already have a support order or agreement, just follow these easy steps to start the enrolment process.

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Obtaining an order

There are a number of legal resources in BC to help the recipient or payor get a support order or agreement. 

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Just submitted an enrolment application?

When your enrolment application is received, we open a case and contact you for more information. Find out more