As of May 17, 2021, the new Provincial Court (Family) Rules (PCF Rules) came into force and took effect in all of the Provincial Court registries in British Columbia.  These PCF Rules changes impact what processes must be followed in order to apply for, change or cancel support obligations as well as other family matters dealt with under the Family Law Act, the Interjurisdictional Support Orders Act (to a limited extent), and the Family Maintenance Enforcement Act.  These PCF Rules changes do not apply to British Columbia Supreme Court matters.

Quick Facts

  • The Provincial Court Forms in family matters include some new forms (such as the Notice to Resolve) and previously used forms may now have new names and a new look
  • Designated court registries dealing with Early Resolution, involving family justice counsellors and other practitioners, are being trained to intervene early and assist with Family Needs Assessment, Parenting Education and Consensual Dispute Resolution where applicable
  • There are new processes such as Family Management Conferences (before a Judge) who will assist parties to sort through the family matters to be decided
  • Virtual appearances by audio or video have been expanded by the new PCF Rules
  • Rules regarding which registry to file documents/applications in have changed as well as changes to service requirements

For more detailed information on the changes under the new Provincial Court (Family) Rules and Forms, you may search online at the following websites:

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